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International Experts Discuss Urban Health Concerns at a Conference in Amsterdam

On November 3-4 AIDS Foundation East-West hosted a major international conference dedicated to engaging diverse communities in urban health and wellbeing. This is the 3rd City Health Conference, which has proved to be a good platform to move away from a focus on single urban issues and explore the cross-sector approaches and interventions to deal with city health concerns.

The topics of discussion ranged from micro-level issues such as involving local communities into urban healthcare and safety to macro-level challenges including environment and city planning faced by policy makers and city officials to ensure sustainable urban development.

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AFEW Launches New Prison Programme in Central Asia

AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW) is happy to announce the launch of a new regional programme in Central Asia - “HIV React Project – a joint programme for HIV prevention among prisoners in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.” The programme aims to expand the comprehensive package of services to strengthen prison-based HIV prevention, treatment and care services for people who inject drugs and for people living with HIV.

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1st European Conference on Hepatitis C and Drug Use in Berlin

On October 23-24 Berlin hosted the first European Conference on Hepatitis C (VHC) and Drug Use that brought together key actors, including drug user community representatives, harm reduction experts, health care professionals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and policy makers.

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HIV React Project in Central Asia kicks off with a series of training on START Plus model

On September 8-9 Almaty hosted a training session for the future partners within the HIV React Project on AFEW’s “START Plus” model. Fifteen representatives of local public organisations that work in the field of HIV prevention, as well as representatives of AIDS centres, narcology clinics and TB hospitals met together to learn about the “START Plus” model of transitional client management of prisoners and discuss its implementation in Kazakhstan.

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