Focal points in EECA

Getting ready for the 22nd International AIDS Conference AIDS 2018, AFEW International works with the focal points in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA). These focal points send us the information on how the EECA region is preparing for the Conference and also promote AIDS 2018 in the region.

Please, see below the information about AFEW International‘s EECA region focal points for the AIDS 2018 Conference.

Olga Ochneva, Kyrgyzstan
Olga Ochneva graduated from the Department of Journalism and Information Systems of Bishkek Humanitarian University. For ten years, she works as a communications specialist. Olga began her work in the field of HIV in 2011 at Asteria Community Foundation – organisation that helps women drug users, sex workers, former prisoners, women living with HIV, their children and relatives.
Marina Maximova, Kazakhstan
Marina Maximova is a journalist, works as a spokesman for the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention and Control, and also as a regional communications specialist for the Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV and Media Consultant of Kazakhstan Union of People Living with HIV.
Anastasia Petrova, Russia
For more than five years, Anastasia has been involved in the work to fight HIV epidemic in Russia. She worked in an organization which aimed to protect the rights and health of sex workers, where Anastasia was engaged in equal counseling, conducted trainings, coordinated a study on access to justice and police violence against sex workers in Russia. In recent years, she has been involved in public relations in the context of HIV/AIDS. Anastasia is the activist of the movement ‘Patient control.’
Telephone: +79650303608
Yana Kazmirenko, Ukraine
Yana Kazmirenko is a political scientist by education. She worked as an editor in well-known Ukrainian newspapers: Gazeta Po-Kievski, Gazeta 24, Vesti. Yana specializes in and is passionate about news, public organizations, social PR, civic activism.
Irma Kakhurashvili, Georgia
Graduated with the degree in journalism from Tbilisi State University. Freelancer. Irma has 25 years of work experience in print media. She writes her own Socreactive blog in Georgian language. Irma received several professional fellowships in the field of harm reduction and drug policy. She actively participates in local media competitions (since 2000 – 19 victories) on the topics of gender, protection of human rights, public health. Recently, she has been working with NGO experts on drug policy. Her interests include social and medical problems of the most vulnerable groups of society.
Nargis Hamrabaeva, Tajikistan
Nargis is a journalist with 14 years of experience. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Russian-Tajik Slavic University. She worked as a correspondent, and then as an editor in various local and international media. Nargis was the editor of the Central Asian magazine ‘Youth and HIV/AIDS.’ She is a member of the Union of Journalists of Tajikistan, awarded with the ‘Excellent Worker of the Press of the Republic of Tajikistan’ award.