Martine de Schutter Scholarship Fund

AFEW international set up Martine de Schutter Scholarship Fund to allow participants from Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) to attend the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018).

Fund Distribution

As of today, Martine de Schutter Scholarship Fund raised 103.000 EUR to cover the additional scholarships of the EECA applicants to come to Amsterdam for AIDS 2018. AFEW thanks Gilead, Janssen Cilag, Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung and Aids Fonds for their contribution to this Fund.

A part of the Martine de Schutter Fund has been distributed to the applicants from EECA through the established Scholarship Committee of the International AIDS Society (IAS). 35 scholarships were supported with the Fund through the IAS. Besides, 20 EECA speakers at AIDS 2018 sessions will receive scholarships from the fund.

Additionally, 10 EECA applicants will receive Martine de Schutter Scholarship via AFEW International and Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) to secure representation of all key populations of the EECA region. A part of the Fund will be allocated for the translation into Russian language during the Conference.

Who was Martine de Schutter

Martine de Schutter was a strong advocate for human rights. For about 10 years she managed the European network AIDS Action Europe, which connects more than 400 AIDS organizations throughout Europe and Central Asia. Martine worked with dedication and passion to keep the AIDS problem on the agenda at the European Union and to connect all organisations working on the same issues in Eastern Europe. In 2014, Martine became the Program Leader for Bridging the Gaps: Health and Rights for Key Populations program. She travelled a lot and her last trip was to AIDS 2014 Conference in Melbourne on the MH17 plane that was shot down and crashed.

Martine’s commitment to the international fight against AIDS and her unwavering support to the Eastern European region has set an example for us to follow. That is why AFEW International established the Scholarship Fund named after Martine de Schutter – our friend and fellow activist.