Officially registered HIV cases New HIV cases Officially registered HIV/TB cases Officially AIDS cases Estimated Hepatitis C cases Officially registered cases of sexually transmitted diseases
7,117 (2016) 720 (2016) 1,044 (2014) 615 (April 2014) No Data No Data

Kyrgyz Republic remains a country with a low prevalence of HIV. However, during recent years, there has been a rapid growth in the number of new cases of HIV. Estimated by WHO/UNAIDS, Kyrgyzstan is among seven countries with the highest rates of epidemic growth. Thus, the number of HIV contamination over the past nine years has increased six times: from 826 cases in 2005 to 5115 cases in 2013.

Since 2001 people who inject drugs determine the nature of the epidemic advancement in the country and the have been a priority for all three state programmes in the Kyrgyz Republic. Over the past five years, the country has achieved significant progress in providing access of IDU to harm reduction programmes.

State policy of Kyrgyzstan is based on a comprehensive and multi-sectoral approach and aimed at ensuring gender equality and human rights observance, the primacy of key populations and people living with HIV. Planning and implementation of activities in the field of HIV and related issues is conducted in accordance with the WHO and UNAIDS recommendations. The country implements measures in accordance with the State 2012-2016 programme to overcome the HIV epidemic, which is aimed at stabilization and subsequent reduction of HIV incidence rate in Kyrgyzstan.

The program takes into account the stage of the epidemic and builds its priorities to prevent further spread of HIV, especially through injection, unprotected sex, cross and mother-to-child infection. Considerable attention is paid to provide access to diagnostics, treatment, care and support for people living with HIV, strengthen health care system, improve coordination, management, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and services.



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