Officially registered HIV cases Estimated HIV cases Officially registered HIV/TB cases Officially AIDS cases Estimated Hepatitis C cases Officially registered cases of sexually transmitted diseases
907,607 (December 2014) No Data No Data No Data No Data No Data

Today, the HIV epidemic has established a secure foothold in Russia, which has the highest growth rate in the world with more than 1% of the population estimated to be already infected. Although the epidemic is concentrated among injecting drug users, there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases attributed to heterosexual transmission. Russia has a very high level of drug use, sex work, human trafficking and migration, all of which play a major role in spreading the virus.

Although the government guarantees a wide range of free services for those living with HIV, these services are compromised by an inadequate quality, a lack of confidentiality, and widespread discrimination and stigma. Furthermore, the Russian government’s conservative nature makes lobbying for progressive prevention programmes and treatment services a difficult task for non-governmental organisations in the region. The insensitive treatment of drug users in the country was sadly illustrated in December 2006, when a fire at a drug-treatment hospital killed 45 women who were trapped behind blocked emergency exits and barred windows.