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Officially registered HIV cases  New HIV cases Co-infection of TB/HIV among new TB cases and relapses Officially registered AIDS cases Estimated hepatitis C cases Officially registered cases of sexually transmitted diseases
297,424 (1987-2016) 17,066 (2016) 6,637 (2015) 92,897 (1987-2016) ~1,170,000 According to the Ministry of Health, about 400 000 new cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, genitourinary candidiasis
and trichomoniasis are registered annually in Ukraine.

Currently, Ukraine has the highest prevalence of HIV in Europe with an epidemic concentrated among vulnerable groups, particularly people who inject drugs. As a major migration route between Asia and Europe, Ukraine has high rates of human trafficking, sex work and injecting drug use, all of which further fuel the epidemic. Additionally, the epidemic is growing among men who have sex with men and is quickly spreading into the general population via heterosexual transmission.

Although the Ukrainian government has shown support for HIV prevention and treatment initiatives, efforts are hampered by discrimination towards high-risk groups, the poor co-ordination and integration of services, and insufficient human resource capacities, as well as an insufficient budget allocated for HIV programmes by the state. Limited co-ordination between HIV, tuberculosis and drug treatment services has resulted in a fragmented approach to dealing with the growing epidemic.



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