AFEW International Welcomes New Board Member

AFEW International is pleased to welcome Maria Yakovleva as the new member of its Board. Maria joined the Board in May 2018.

Maria Yakovleva is a Director of the Program-Target Charitable Director of Candle Charitable Foundation. Maria has been working in the field of HIV since 2010. She joined the organization as a volunteer, and in 2013 became the director. The Candle Foundation is a community organization working with HIV-positive people. Mainly, the organization works with people who use drugs. During her eight years in the field of HIV, Maria participated in various patient initiatives: she was the coordinator of HIV Young Leaders Fund for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and she was also one of the founders of the Patient Control movement. Maria Yakovleva is a member of the All-Russian Women’s Association EVA – a network of women affected by the HIV epidemic and other socially significant diseases.

As of 2018, there are seven board members at AFEW. More information about them you can find here.

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