Counselling is a cornerstone in bringing HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services together into a single continuum of care. Individuals require accurate information to enable them to make informed decisions about their personal health and well-being; in addition, they need support to put these decisions into action.

At AFEW, counselling is an integral element of all of its programming. Whether for individual or group counselling sessions, AFEW builds capacity on a spectrum of issues appropriate to both formal and informal settings. Topics include pre- and post-test HIV counselling, risk reduction, crisis counselling, drug-treatment counselling, anti-retroviral treatment adherence, as well as peer and group counselling skills.

Together with local experts, AFEW focuses on the delivery of training, the development of informational resources for specialists and clients, the creation of local training teams, and the establishment of regional training resource centres to support service providers and ensure their skills and knowledge are kept up to date.