Duration: January – December 2012 || Donor: ViiV Healthcare || Budget: 60,000 GBP


  • HIV prevention among young prisoners aged 15-25 in Almaty and Almaty region through the model “START Plus” – client management programme in transitional period;
  • Strengthening capacity of penal system staff in correctional facilities for adolescents and of local NGOs that work with young offenders to provide adequate and coordinated HIV prevention and reintegration services;
  • Providing access to medical and social services for young offenders in correctional facilities and young prisoners about to be released;
  • Supporting institutionalisation and further promotion of “START Plus” model.


  • Young prisoners aged 15-25
  • Institutions working with inmates in transitional period (Penal system, police, relevant NGOs)
  • Institutions working with underage offenders and vulnerable youth, youth organisations and medical structured (AIDS Centre, TB clinics)


  • The ‘START plus’ model was introduced to Penal system’s Department of Almaty region and approved for further implementation in two correctional facilities for young offenders;
  • Two trainings for 40 prison staff were conducted and one training for NGO social workers and case managers (20 participants);
  • One manual on “START plus” programme for NGOs was developed and printed (500 copies);
  • 500 copies of informational materials for prison staff and 2000 copies for project beneficiaries were developed, printed and disseminated;
  • Two correctional facilities for young offenders adapted and implemented the “START plus” model reaching 1000 young inmates;
  • 100 prisoners that were about to be released received medical and social services;
  • One round-table held for 50 participants to draw public and media attention to the issues of young offenders within the current penal system reform, including the formal presentation of the developed model to the top management of the Penal System Committee and other authorities and stakeholders.