Country: Tajikistan || Duration: August 2014 – July 2015 || Donor: Gilead Sciences Europe || Budget: € 36,815


  • To inform people who use drugs (PUD) about Hepatitis C and its risks and urge them to get tested;
  • To get a better understanding of the prevalence of Hepatitis C among PUD and the needs on development of a national action plan for Hepatitis C.


  • Number of leaflets distributed and number of PUD tested to assess the reach;
  • 1 round table meeting for policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to share testing data and initiate discussion on the development of the national action.


  • A better insight in the prevalence of Hepatitis C among PUD;
  • Development of a list of actions and next steps for the national action plan to test and treat Hepatitis C.


  • Project strategy approved by key authorities;
  • 1207 people who use drugs received counseling and testing services and know their Hepatitis C status;
  • The process of country dialogue on the need of development of a national response strategy on Hepatitis C is initiated;
  • Updated version of brochure “Hepatitis” (see on the right) is printed with 8000 copies and disseminated among general population and people who use drugs;
  • Testing results are presented and discussed with 37 international, national and local partners, including community based organisations of PUDs, LGBT and PLWH at a round table.

Download Final project report.