HIV transmission from a mother to her child remains the main route of infection among infants and children globally.

Beginning in 2003, the EECA region witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of new cases of HIV among women of childbearing age. AFEW’s response to the growing need for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) services employs a ‘family-oriented’ approach that links HIV-positive women, their children, and their families to high-quality treatment, care and support.

AFEW’s programme efforts are targeted at boosting the capacity of healthcare facilities and specialists, and empowering HIV-positive women not only in accessing timely care, but also in having an active voice in shaping the local HIV agenda.

Activities include training seminars, the creation of regional resource centres, providing laboratory equipment, facilitating partnerships between healthcare structures, and the delivery of prevention materials and essential medication such as anti-retroviral therapy and infant formula.

At the moment AFEW has no active projects on prevention mother-to-child transmission.